Brooks Brothers Spring 2011

Wow, did anyone else see how fast those free shirts were snatched up this morning on Gilt?  Fortunately for us too slow to get a free shirt, Brooks Brothers can still keep us happy with a few items from their Spring Collection hitting their website.  Many folks saw the preview of the new collection floating around the company’s Facebook page and Tumblr already.  The newest offerings from Brooks Brothers keeps to the brand’s classic/traditional roots, but still shows they’ve modernized it a bit with updated fits.  I’m really liking the huge selection of colors for the gingham sport shirts, and the unstructured cotton blazers are where it’s at.  Also, there’s a nice-looking, lightweight baseball/varsity jacket.  And at $168, the price makes it go right to the top of the list of wants.  Go check it all out…

Once again, Brooks Brothers has done it perfectly.


7 responses

  1. Liking the gingham shirt selection…their slim fit was still a bust for me (most billowy “slim” shirt ever), but maybe the extra slim fit is what I’m looking for…been a few years since I’ve bothered trying out any BB.

    Thanks Paul.

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