Brooks Brothers Free Shirt Giveaway- Courtesy of Gilt Groupe

One of the best words around is the word “free.”  And lucky for us, Gilt Groupe is very kindly giving folks the chance to grab something very nice for free tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Wednesday 1/19, at 12:00 (noon) Eastern time, 813 people will be able to get a free Brooks Brothers white dress shirt.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.  There will be two styles of men’s shirts and two styles of women’s shirts available.  I’m taking that to mean either collar style or fit.  The total retail value of the shirt is $90.  Unfortunately, not many other details are given.  But all one has to do is add the shirt to their shopping cart.  And if they are one of the first 813 people to do so, then BOOM!  Free shirt.  If you aren’t a member of Gilt Groupe, click here and join.  Full disclosure, I get a credit for anybody that signs up and buys something… just want that to be out in the open.  Anyways, seems like a great chance to get a free shirt.

We all know Brooks Brothers does things perfectly… Looks like Gilt Groupe does too.


Thanks to for the head’s up!


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  1. Alas – I am actually a Gilt member and logged in – and as of 12:00:10 every shirt in every man’s size was sold out… I’m quick with a mouse but 10 seconds? I’m thinking some mischief was afoot – I literally counted down to noon on my Citizen atomic watch – and hit the sale the second it opened…

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