The Pinstripe Sportcoat

As I’m sure many of you know, Pitti Uomo is in full swing.  This is evident due to GQ’s own Tommy Ton’s vivid photographs of Italian and Japanese men trying to “out-sprezzatura” each other.  It’s all good and fun checking out these pictures to see what kind of crazy layering game those Europeans are on this year, but a lot can be learned too.  For me, I learned that it doesn’t look all that bad rocking a pinstripe sportcoat.  I have a great Brooks Brothers pinstripe suit at home that I never wear because I’m not fond of how the pants fit.  This could all be changed by a trip to the tailor, but I’ve been lazy when it comes to that particular pair of pants and its alteration needs.  But a couple photos snapped by Tommy Ton got me thinking I can put the jacket to good use until then.  I think the key is to keep the rest of the kit simple and casual.  For me, that means wearing a blue or white OCBD, navy knit tie, and my “Earth” colored or “Hazy Jade” colored Dockers Khaki Waders.  It’s a look I may just have to try out this weekend…

The key is keeping the rest fairly casual.  Add a bit of that Italian swagger, and you’re lookin’ perfect.


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  1. I’d be careful about that dude. The jacket in the first photo is without a doubt a sportcoat. Leather buttons and the elbow patches are strong indications. Second jacket has an elastic cuff – like you’d see on a sweatshirt – it’s so foreign to me that I won’t say anything about it. Anyway if you take wear the jacket to your BB suit, it’ll be quite obvious that you’re wearing an orphaned suit jacket rather than a sportcoat. I’m assuming that it’s worsted not woollen flannel and that the buttons are the same colour as the suit. Whenever I see that it always looks amateurish.

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