Bonobos: The Alma Mater

The newest sport coat to hit the Bonobos website is one every man should own.  Cleverly named “The Alma Mater,” this coat is a classic navy hopsack blazer with a very collegiate feel.  It is made from a Italian wool/cashmere blend from the Tessitura Monti mill.  Although made in Canada, it has a classic American/Trad look to it.  The details are also right on point, such as functional button cuffs.  The price of $348 is best part.  Throw in an easy-to-get referral code, and the jacket becomes that much more affordable.

This new navy blazer is looking pretty perfect.


9 responses

  1. Paul,
    Nice post. One thought, I’m getting fatigued about everyone obsessing over made in USA. This blazer looks awesome and that is all that matters to me. Team Canada or Team China, if the sh** fits, wear it.(Not to say I don’t like it when my gear is Made in America.) Bonobos is on a roll.

  2. While I love the look of surgeon cuffs, it pains my wallet. Sleeves are always long on me and getting blazers hemmed from the shoulder is $$$$$. It’s starting to annoy me that every blazer coming out these days seem to have surgeon cuffs. Even Gap.

  3. Look, I like Bonobos just fine, but this blazer looks like it was tailored for a gorilla. The sleeves are too long, the coat’s bottom doesn’t cover the model’s rear, and the top button is positioned too high. Sorry, but this jacket is not pretty perfect. It’s not even pretty.

  4. gotta agree with rich on this one. i like the details and material, but i’m of the belief that you jacket sleeves should be longer than your jacket.

  5. I’ve art directed a lot of photo shoots and I would have given that model a size up and tailored the he’ll out of it.

  6. Honestly, unless you can order sleeve lengths like you can order inseam lengths, selling jackets with surgeon cuffs is just stupid. Do they really expect all men to have the same arm length?

    Also, the jacket is a bit short for my taste. I want a jacket to cover my bum.

  7. Seems like the consensus is that the jacket is too short… Works for short ass people, like me. Who knows, maybe the model they use is crazy tall.

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