Cole Haan Henry Boot

A few new items have hit Cole Haan’s website since yesterday, one of which is the new Henry Boot.  The new Henry Boot bears a striking resemblance to the Alden Tanker boot.  To be even more specific, it really looks a lot like the Alden Tanker exclusively made for Leffot.  A lot of Alden “die-hards” will probably hate this, but I think it’s a great thing.  The Henry Boot is a nice affordable alternative version of the Tanker.  It’s priced at a very reasonable $228.  That’s definitely a lot easier on the wallet than the $675 price of the Aldens.  Of course, with the lower price, your obviously not getting all the perks of said Tanker boots: Shell Cordovan leather, handsewn construction, or a 360º welt.  But the comfort of the Henry Boot is quite exceptional, and the quality is decent.  Additionally, the Henry is constructed with a storm welt, offering a bit of protection from particles entering the boot at the welt line… If you like Cole Haan, give these a look!

The Henry Boot is another perfect addition to what Cole Haan has done as of late…


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  1. Not sure about the shinier version, but the suede are really quite nice looking. Already own the Indy’s so this could be a decent option that’s “not” an Alden.

  2. I purchased the suede Henry boot. Actually a gift from wifey. She’s very good to me. I love them and have gotten lots of compliments on them. Nice cork bottoms too. We’ll see how long they last.

  3. hi,
    i was browsing the net for some reviews on the boot and i can’t seem to find any reliable source until i stumbled onto your blog. i want to purchase the boot but i’m still deciding if its worth it..

    so.. is it? 🙂

    many thanks!

  4. MC– I’m glad you found my blog, hope you come back often. The Henry boots aren’t too bad. Cole Haan doesn’t have greatest reputation in terms of quality, but I haven’t really ever had any problems with them. These boots are comfortable, but they are a bit stiff when brand new. Also, the rubber sole seems to stick to the ground sometimes (almost suction-like). I’m assuming the boots are on sale now, so I say go for it! I hope I was able to help!

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