Dockers Sale

Just in time to start spending your Christmas money before you’ve even gotten any, Dockers is have a crazy sale.  Dockers certainly has been doing some great things with their pants as of late.  High praise is often given to their Khaki Waders and their Slim Tapered Pleated Khakis.  Well we’re in luck, because both of those styles are on sale… to be specific, the Khaki Waders are only $35 and the Slim Tapered Pleated Khakis are $130 (down from $185).  So now is definitely the time to stock up…

This is an awesome chance to pick up the perfect pair of chinos… don’t let it pass you by.


9 responses

  1. Thank you so much for posting the awesome deal. Every time you post one of these amazing steals I end up buying it and loving it!!!

  2. Whoa…Dockers and I apparently have shockingly different opinions of how “slim” I am. Wished the Waders had worked out…thanks for the thought though.

    • Yeah- I’m a generally a 33 (occasionally down to a 32), and felt like sitting down in a chair would cause them to bust open. Phone wasn’t gonna fit in a pocket. I’m an athletic guy, but don’t have overly-huge legs or anything.

      No big deal, maybe it’s just me and I unknowingly packed on the holiday lbs before I tried them on yesterday, ha. Hope yours work out!

      • Well, turns out I should have heeded Justin’s advice/experience. I’ve never actually tried to pull on a pair of pants that was so clearly not going to fit. Did manage to button the 33 up (I’m normally a 32) but they looked and felt ridiculous.

  3. Free shipping, free return shipping, no big deal. Too bad yours didn’t work out either. Appreciate the heads up anyway Paul.

  4. Justin and Dave- Bummer the pants didn’t work out for you both… I’m right on that edge of them being almost too slim. Of course, holiday indulgences have not helped at all. My midsection has definitely gotten slightly thicker over the past few weeks…

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