Time to start thinking ahead…

This one is for all the denim-heads out there… I’m starting to think about my next selvedge denim purchase.  I really don’t have a lot of experience in this realm, so I’m turning to you.  I’m currently wearing some Gap selvage denim (which I’ve talked about before).  I’ve also worn some APC New Standards in the past.  But now I’d like to dive a little deeper into the denim world.  Right now, I have two pairs in mind: a pair of the Rogue Territory Stanton‘s or a pair of Left Field Basic Straight Slim Fit jeans.  But, if anyone out there has other suggestions that I absolutely must consider, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d also prefer to keep it under $200, but there could be a little wiggle room there.  Leave a comment, or even email me (dreamsofperfection [at] hotmail [dot] com).

So what would be the perfect pair of jeans you’d pick?


12 responses

  1. I would highly recommend 3sixteen or Tellason denim. They fit your price range and honestly aren’t that different than Skulls or PBJs (unless you want really slubby denim). I was going to write a huge rant comparing denim quality, hardware, fit etc. but suffice to say 3sixteen & Tellason have great quality denim that fades well, the hardware is cool (especially the untanned Tanner goods patch), and the fits are pretty solid (slim not skinny). Additionally you can buy them from SelfEdge or BlueInGreen which have incredibly knowledgable folk. If you get denim from SENY definitely get them chain stitched there, as their Union Special has an especially beefy chain stitch gauge which will last longer than the threads of the denim itself.

    That being said those RTs and Left Fields look pretty solid, and I’m pretty sure there is no difference between your picks and mine. However I’m not a huge fan of the pocket details on the RTs so I would go Left Field.

    Good luck with your new denim, keep up the great work on the blog and the trading cards!

  2. The Left Fields are a very nice choice for under 200. Another great option is Albam out of England. They use selvedge Japanese denim and are a great value at around 80 pounds.

  3. I think you wont be disappointed with either of these, but then again I am no expert by any means(I just got my first pair of selvedge). However, I am thinking ahead as well, and I’d feel like i’m going against my city if I didn’t go over to 12th Ave and get fitted for some Imogene and Willies. I think they start at $250, which is over your stated budget, but it does include tailoring, and I think I personally could manage to cut out a drink or two on each night out at the bars to save the extra cash. Just a thought, Paul.

  4. as an owner of some very slubby/imperfect denim around, i can tell you that there’s something more organic about it. i sort of wish my sexsc06 were a little thicker but they’re perfect for year-round wear. i’d say the best denim is stiff and full of character & your main focus when shopping around should be the fabric and the cut, everything else is fluff. that being said, i think naked & famous is doing great stuff for cheap: http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/collection/men.html

  5. I’ve been intrigued by Ironheart denim for the heavy weight but I think that’s mostly because of the extreme cold these past two weeks and my desire or warmer clothing. I think they are pushing your $200 budget though…

  6. It’s like you were reading my mind. I’m rolling over the same purchase between the same two pairs of jeans. They seem to be in that same range of slim (but not skinny) and quality (step up from APC). The upside to Left Field is that they have bandanna lined front pockets and rivets in the back pockets. The upside to the Rogue Territory is that they seem a little more modern fitting (not that I know what that is entirely).

    Also, check out Epaulet’s restock of Smith cut denim. It’s made of Kurabo Mills denim, which is probably a step up from Cones. And at only $145, it’s a bargain.

    I’ll probably have to wait until after the holiday season before I pull the trigger on anything. So whatever you choose, make sure to write about it, because I’m having trouble making up my mind too.

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