A Lesson in Improvisation: Shearling Insoles

With the recent bit of snow that Nashville has seen, along with the frigid temperature of 5°F this morning, I came to the realization that the Bison Leather Bean Boots on my feet might not be the warmest option for me.  Obviously, I could go and buy a shearling lined pair, or another insulated boot.  But for the type of weather down here in Nashville, and really many parts of the US, that probably wouldn’t be the smartest investment.  I just wouldn’t get the type of use out of them I’d like because frigidly cold days, like today, are few and far between here.  That’s when a light bulb went off in my head… why not get a set of shearling insoles for my boots?  My shearling lined house shoes keep my feet quite toasty, so who is to say this wouldn’t work in a similar way?  Merrell offers shearling insoles at the very affordable price of $12.  Worth a shot when it’s so cold outside…

I’m not used to this kind of weather… so will this be a perfect way to keep my feet warmer?


4 responses

  1. Great idea. I am going to buy some for my Bean rubber mocs which have no lining. I also have a pair of the 8 inch bean boot with thinsulate and gortex that keep me pretty warm.

  2. I bought the unlined Bean Bison Boots a month ago and worried about whether or not they would be sufficient for winter conditions. Yesterday had the chance to test them while shoveling snow and walking the dogs in 15 degree F weather. I was out 2 hours and my feet stayed comfortably warm. I bought the boots in my regular size rather than going down a size as recommended. This allows plenty of room for medium- or heavy-weight socks without a tight fit which induces the cold. However, the shearling insoles seem like a good accessory to have just in case.

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