Season for Giving: Weekend Bags

To finish up this week’s theme of “The Season for Giving,” what better gift idea to consider than something to put all your other gifts in?  So today, we’ll turn our attention to weekend bags, duffel bags, etc.  This is certainly the type of gift that can be quite useful for the recipient, whether used for weekend trips, overnight travel, or even daily trips to the gym (this is something I probably would not do… because I’m lazy and work out about once a week).  The important thing to consider when buying anyone a bag is the level of quality.  This is the type of thing that should last someone many, many years.  And lets be honest, that’s when bags start to look their best… after many, many years of use.  Below are a few great options to check out:

Col. Littleton No. 1 Grip Bag, $695

Jack Spade Wayne Duffle in Tobacco, $395

Cole Haan Wythe Aviator Duffel, $598

Filson Duffle Bag, $225

L.L. Bean Signature Vacation Bag, $225

Any of these would be a very nice thing to find under the tree this Christmas, and will definitely last a lifetime.  I hope this week has helped at least a few of you out there think of the perfect gift for someone!


One response

  1. There isn’t much better than a great leather duffel bag. I wouldn’t pay the premium for the Cole Haan name on that particular bag. $600 can get you far nicer.

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