Season for Giving: Gloves

Continuing through this wonderful season of giving, it’s time to turn our attention away from sweaters, and to something a little more “stocking-stuffer-ish.”  To me, one of the best stocking stuffers, and literally takes hardly any thought, is a new pair of gloves.  No matter what climate the gift recipient lives in, a pair of gloves can be quite useful.  And when trying to figure out whether you should get that person a rugged pair, or something more luxurious, fit it to their individual style and needs.  After that, find your price range and go.

Thinsulate Lined Whiskey Bison Leather Gloves, $22.61

Rugby Knit Wool Stripe Gloves, $49.50

Cole Haan Cashmere Lined Lambskin Gloves, $98

Billy Reid Fingerless Wool Gloves, $19

Brooks Brothers Shearling Gloves, $178

And if you’re buying gloves for me, I wear a Size 14! Haha… Easton EQ5 Gloves, $109.99

Any way you go, someone’s hands should be kept perfectly warm, or protected, this holiday season.

5 responses

  1. EQ5’s? C’mon now! Get a pair of Franchises!

    Been following your blog for some time. Love when you mention hockey.

  2. SouthernHockey– Haha I wish… I’m not going to ask anyone to get me a $200+ pair of hockey gloves! Maybe I can find a pair on eBay…

    Glad you enjoy things around here… and I’m especially glad to hear you love hockey! Thanks for reading!

  3. Yeah, those bison gloves are awesome. Just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for, especially while driving to work in 20ish degree temps. Great price too.

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