Season for Giving: Sweaters

Apologies for not posting yesterday.  Unfortunately, there is no money in this for me, so the paying job took priority yesterday.  But now that I have gotten my sorrows out of the way, I think it’s a fine time to address the spirit of the holiday season, and that is “giving.”  Many blogs put together very helpful holiday gift guides, but I thought taking it in a different direction could also be very useful.  Instead of focusing on a wide range of gift ideas, I thought it could be helpful to highlight a single gift idea each day this week, and some great options available inside that parameter.  Got it?  Okay, awesome.  Today’s focus will be on sweaters.  I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting a new sweater or two for Christmas.  What says “Merry Christmas, and I care so much about you” more than the gift of cashmere or Italian merino wool?  Okay, a lot of things, but you get the idea… One really can’t go wrong with giving a nice sweater.  Any style, any material, it’s all up to you… and I think the recipient will be quite appreciative.

L.L. Bean Norweigian Sweater, $129

Brooks Brothers Cashmere V-Neck, $348

Gant Rugger Fair Isle Crew, $145 (Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up)

J. Press Shaggy Dog, On Sale for $123.75

Made in the USA: Pure Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan, $98

A sweater really is a perfect holiday gift.  It’s cold (in most places), so this should be towards the top of your gift-giving list.


Editor’s Note: This week’s focus on gift giving ideas will be centered around gifts for men.  If you’re coming to a blog to look for gift ideas for the lady in your life, you need more help than any blog could ever give.


5 responses

  1. Awesome ideas. Also, holiday shoppers looking to go green should consider eGift cards over traditional plastic. According to Plenty Magazine, plastic gift card waste accounts for 75 million lbs of the PVC found in landfills each year. is the eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to shop, send, and receive virtually. offers over 200 retailers ensuring you can find something for everyone on your list. Hope that helps!

  2. Gift for the lady in your life = precious metals and gems. I’m just saying – she’s never returned jewelry. But ohh it hurt’s the wallet.

  3. Why hasn’t a single designer put a classic camel colored cardigan, either in mohair or merino out Into the marketplace? The only one that’s come close is Club Monaco. Too early still?

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