Bonobos Flannel Lined Chinos

I hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving.  I know I did!  But now that we all have that “Post-Thanksgiving layer of fat” to keep us warm, Bonobos is now offering a healthier way to stay warm with the release of their Flannel Lined Chinos.  They are offered in two different colors with clever names: the Axe Handles (khaki) and the Bucksaws (grey).  Besides the warm plaid flannel lining, I think these pants have some great details that really set them apart.  Along with the flattering fit of the seat and thighs, a button fly and button closures on the back pockets were added.  I usually take my Bonobos pants to the tailor and get the leg opening slimmed up slightly.  After that, they have become some of my best fitting pairs of chinos.  These warmer editions are sure to live up to that precedent… Also, for today only, use the code “RobSanta” at checkout to save 30%.  Thank you Cyber Monday!

Once again, Bonobos does it perfectly.

2 responses

  1. Snagged the Axe Handles myself first thing this AM. My quote was “Damn you, CyberMonday” after buying, rather than your “Thank you, CyberMonday”.

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