Thanksgiving Kit 2: Dinner with the “In-Laws”

While yesterday’s post focused on spending time with one’s own family, today’s focuses on Thanksgiving with one’s significant other’s family.  Whether it’s the in-laws, or perhaps future in-laws, it just means you need to be up on your game that much more.  Obviously, a good impression starts with how you present yourself.  Of course, that includes clothing choices.  If there’s ever a time to “dress to impress,” this is definitely it.  Additionally, bring your manners.  Find out what you can bring… find out how you can help… whatever.  Also, bring some wine along with whatever else is asked of you.  It might be a little more effort overall, but she’ll appreciate it.

Blazer: J. Crew; Sport Shirt: Brooks Brothers; Knit Tie: The Tie Bar; Cords: Epaulet; Belt: Tanner Goods; Tassel Loafers: Alden; Wine: Flock Monterey Pinot Noir

Try and look perfect for this Thanksgiving meal, in particular.  Your wife or girlfriend, and her mother, will definitely appreciate it.


3 responses

  1. I like it. Yesterday’s and today’s selections are very well put together and are classic Americano style. Personally, I would select a slightly more refined jacket than J. Crew’s selection. Perhaps something with the classic navy blazer gold button’s. Pairing the blue tie eliminates the changes of a coordinating pocket square as well.

  2. too emo

    the real problem is the shirt but i might hate the belt more.

    j crew blazer, really? it would honestly be better to wear a staffords blazer, better them think you’re broke than think you’ve got more money than taste.

    com’on DOP!

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