My First Watch

A few months ago, while digging through my sock drawer looking for the ever elusive missing mate to one sock, I found something I hadn’t seen in years.  What I found was my old watch.  How old?  Well, it was my first watch, so a sketchy memory with bad math dates it at about eighteen years old.  When I was about seven years old, I remember I wanted a “grown-up” watch.  What did that mean?  I’m not sure, but my parents took it as “a watch with an hour, minute, and second hand.”  So they purchased me a white-faced Timex Indiglo with a black leather strap.  This watch was worn for quite awhile, but once the battery died, I must have thrown it in my sock drawer.  But what was once lost is now found again, and this has become my everyday watch.  The decrepit leather strap has since been replaced with a NATO strap (so I can look super cool amongst all other style bloggers).  It’s not fancy.  Hell, it’s even a little dorky with the push-button Indiglo feature.  But that timepiece means a lot to me, and always will.

I’m glad I found this watch again earlier this year.  It will always be perfect.


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  1. Awesome! I have the same watch. Though, it came with a stretch metal bracelet. Though, I now wear it with a grosgrain strap too…same one, I think.

  2. Great watch. I have one similar but many years older – late 1950s wind-up mechanical. It’s got a metal stretch bracelet, but next summer I’ll swap it for a NATO strap like you’ve done.

    One thing about style – you can’t just buy it. The blogosphere (hate that term) implies you can – just follow this shopping list and you will have killer style. Fact of the matter is that is boring. I would much rather read about someone’s personal style w/history than something like, “This watch is awesome. Here’s where to buy it.” The former is “authentic” (useless term), the latter is the surefire way to look like a store mannequin. Superfuture’s Mister Freedom thread is a perfect illustration of that. Makes me want to puke.

  3. I think I have the same exact watch but i just bought mine at target a month ago haha. I bought it to pair with different straps but I’m not sure what size to get online. I ordered a Brooks Bros. strap but it is way too thin. What size is your NATO?

  4. A-K– I think you’re right. Style isn’t something you can buy. This blog is no different often times, and is just as guilty at saying “just follow this shopping list…”

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Phil– If your Timex is a similar size, than 18 mm is what you want for a NATO strap. That particular one is from J. Crew. You can also just Google “18 mm NATO strap.” That will get you what you need, as well.

  6. That’s a great looking watch.

    I think it is a bonus that it is not a calendar watch.

    Without the date function, it looks much more classic and vintage.

    You can’t beat simplicity.

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