Gap Sweaters

Looking past Gap‘s misstep this fall with the introduction of their new logo, everything they’ve done lately has been very on point.  This fall has brought about some great selections from their men’s line, including slim-fitting chinos, great outerwear and sportcoats, and staples every guy should own at low prices.  But to me, the strongest of the bunch this season is the brand’s sweaters.  Besides the regular V-necks and cardigans, there are some great options with details and textures galore.  Toggles, birdseye merino wool, chunky shawl collars… it’s all here.  The fit is right with higher armholes, and every sweater is below $80.  Not too bad…

At this price point, Gap’s sweaters are as perfect as it gets.


3 responses

  1. I’ve got a couple of this season’s V neck merinos, along with BR’s version, and I have the toggle sweater on Olive. I also have some of the summer V-necks (where the collar overlaps to make the V, they’re fairly thin)

    I have to say the fit is spot on, high armholes really make a difference, and the fit is much better in the newer stuff than even from this summer.

    The Toggle sweater is perfect IMO, If you wear it unfastened and over a button down, like the model, it looks great, especially under a peacoat with the hood hanging out. Very thick as well, nice and chunky.

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