J. Press for Urban Outfitters Now Available

About a month ago, the style blogosphere  was all abuzz over the news that the “King Company of Trad,” J. Press, was teaming up with the trend-obsessed company Urban Outfitters.  Many were intrigued, others were angered at such an “unholy marriage.”  Me?  I’m fine with it.  Such collaborations are good for these smaller companies.  It markets their brand to demographics that may not have been interested in the past.  And that is good business.  The small collection was available for pre-order on Urban Outfitter’s website, and then suddenly and for whatever reason, disappeared.  This left folks, myself included, kind of confused.  Fortunately (for those who weren’t enraged by such a collaboration), the collection is back and is officially for sale.  Pieces included seem to be the essentials that any prep should own: a navy blazer, solid and striped oxford button downs, repp ties, and also some pants that look to have a great fit and even better details.  I’m eying the Black Watch trousers myself…

The most perfect part about the collection is obviously the lower price… and the fact that the J. Press name is attached.  They won’t usually let you down.

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