This and that, weekend plans, and some Mashburn’d jeans

With it being Friday, I can honestly say I’ve put my time in this week and am very glad to have the next couple days off.  With that weary feeling that is often associated with the end of the work week, this post will just be a hodgepodge of this and that, these and the others.  Call it laziness, because that’s what I’m calling it.  But even though this is very much a lackadaisical attempt at a decent post, the following topics are still well deserved of some attention.

“This and that…”

“Weekend Plans…”

  • This weekend, I’ll be heading to Knoxville, TN to visit my sister and to see my Ole Miss Rebels take on her Tennessee Volunteers.  Unfortunately, I will be missing this:
  • Imogene+Willie will be holding their 2nd Annual Pinewood Derby this Saturday.  If you live near Nashville, or feel like taking an impromptu trip, then come on down!  Great people, like Joe Gannon, Matt from the Nashville Billy Reid store, Rob from Wharf, Max, and many more will be there.

“Some Mashburn’d jeans”

And as promised from last week’s post, I will leave you with the finished product of taking my jeans to the tailor to join “Team No Break.”  The lesson to be learned is to keep your eye out for a good deal, find a good tailor, and you’ll be looking great while saving a little cash.

Hope you have a perfect weekend!


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