Affordability: The Hoof Pick Belt Edition

The other day, I featured my Gap Selvage jeans and how they were wearing in.  Among all the comments and questions about the jeans, there were almost as many about the hoof pick belt I was wearing in the picture.  That particular belt is one I picked up from F.M. Allen a few months ago.  Unfortunately, it is no longer offered online, and the only advice I can give is to call one of their two stores here in the U.S. and see if they have any more.  It’s an amazing belt, and it’d be worth the try.  But for those who don’t want to go through that effort, and want to save a little money, there is another option.  This very well may one of the best kept secrets until now, but equestrian and riding supply e-stores are the place to go for something like a hoof pick belt.  Why is this such an amazing find?  Well because this particular belt is only $30… and it’s made here in the U.S.A.  Yes, you read that correctly: made in the U.S., and it’s dirt cheap.  Win.

That’s around $100 cheaper than the one I own… and I’ll admit, I’m really disappointed I didn’t find this first.  But for those still looking for such a belt, this is perfect.


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  1. Memphis– Yes, mine was a similar price… but I like the color and hardware of this one better than mine (sorry, I wasn’t clear about that). But I’m not complaining b/c the F.M. Allen belt is quite nice!

  2. Harold– no dimensions listed… Just looking at the picture, I’ll make a guess and say 1 3/8″…

    Ben– Awesome! Comment back and let us know what you think when it arrives!

  3. Having ordered belts many times over the internet, I find they are the hardest to get sized correctly.

    I ordered the belt on the 11th but was out of stock, it finally arrived last Friday the 19th. The belt looks fantastic and is made with good quality leather. The only problem is the belt runs really small. I’m a bigger guy 6’3″ 225lbs and wear a size 38 pants. I ordered a size 38 belt and it is probably more for someone that would wear a size 35 pants. Smartpak will gladly exchange for a larger size if only they carried one, so I will be getting a refund on the this belt.

    I really want this belt. I googled Tory Leather Company, found the belt sold by another company for nearly the same price and in a larger size. This belt also does not appear to be on back order as was the case with some of the other companies I found that carried the belt.

    Being that the holidays are now upon us I found ordering a larger size to be the much more practical solution that trying to lose the pounds necessary to wear the belt.

    Hopefully this is helpful for anyone considering ordering this belt.


  4. Thanks for the info, Ben! That’s very true when ordering a belt online… it could be tough to nail down the size. As a rule of thumb, I always order a size up from my pants size to ensure the best fit.

    I’m glad you were able to find your size!

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