Hook up that cable…

A bit of sweater-talk has been going around these here internets today, so I thought I’d throw a few thoughts in, as well.  This Fall and Winter, I’m throwing out those cashmere V-necks (okay, not really).  But a nice alternative in the wide world of sweaters is something of the cable-knit variety.  Cable-knit sweaters are great because they add texture to any look, and they can be quite warm and comfortable.  I’m especially liking a few of the very affordable options from Lands’ End.  To be specific, I like the Lakeport Cable Shawl Collar, the Shorewood Saddle Sleeve Cable Crew, and the Donagel Cable Button Mock Cardigan.  Each sweater is some sort of cotton/wool/acrylic blend, and many colorways are available.  They also feature some great details, such as the suede elbow patches on the cardigan.  As with many things associated with the fit of Lands’ End, sizing down may be the way to go.

Adding texture like this is the perfect way to go…


6 responses

  1. No smalls available in the first and third sweaters, unfortunately. I don’t think I’ve owned a sweater from Lands End in a while, and these look great, but hopefully the sizing down isn’t necessary.

  2. Good to know. Did you grab the small in that one? Which color? I quite dig the gray, actually, although there are lots of great options.

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