Gap Selvage Update

With the recent tailoring of one pair of jeans, I thought I’d go ahead and give an update on another pair.  My Gap Selvage “Skinny” Fit jeans were purchased almost 3 months ago.  Not being “allowed” to wear jeans to work, these guys see mostly evening and weekend wear.  For those wondering about fit, the waist has stretched out about an inch… maybe slightly more.  I have a 30 inch waist, and I thought about sizing down, but the size 29 just wasn’t going to happen.  Too bad, because I think they would have stretched out to the right size.  Anyways, besides the waist stretching out a tad, they are wearing very nicely.  Subtle whiskering has shown up on the thighs, while I’m also getting nice fading around the wallet.  Spills have included nacho cheese, some beer, and the grease from a juicy hamburger.  Other than that, they look clean.  All in all, I’d say Gap’s Selvage jeans are a great product, and should get a little more recognition in the denim world.  They should definitely be anyone’s “go-to” for affordable selvage denim.

As you can see, these are breaking in perfectly.


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  1. Nice! I just put mine in the freezer over night to get rid of the stank. I was surprised at how well that worked. Febreeze wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been wearing them probably 2-3 times a week, if not more, since the weather cooled off. They’ve stretched out a bit in the waist too, but the overall shape has kept nicely.

    I definitely co-sign these with you.

  2. I like the shoes with it. I have my Clarks desert boots lying around somewhere… Chukkas just look good with a slimmer jean for some reason.

  3. I have these same jeans and love them. I went with a 29 waist and for refrence i wear a 30 in Levis. They’ve stretched a bit in the waist, i wouldn’t say an entire inch on mine though. My only complaint is the rise seems pretty high, higher than 511s, (i haven’t measured). I still think theses are very under rated jeans.

    Anyone know how long these will be made for? Aren’t they limited edition or something?

  4. Details on belt please?

    My gap selvage are wearing real nice too. I was able to size down and they stretched to about perfect. I’m just pumped that someone finally makes jeans for people with 34 inseams that can be rolled.

  5. Ryan– The belt is from F.M. Allen… I don’t see it any more on their website. But give one of their stores a call. I’m sure they can locate one for ya!

    And the different inseam lengths from Gap are great… but I’m not one of those people that need a 34″ inseam. I’m on the other side of the spectrum.

  6. Danny Q- The website says “Limited Edition,” but they’ve been making them for probably around 2 years now. Not sure how limited that actually is…

  7. Paul, so do you think if you got another pair you’d size down one? I’m going to wait until I get a coupon but am trying to figure out whether to size down and just wear them inside until they stop looking ridiculous.

  8. Dave- I think I probably should have tried a little harder to squeeze in to a size down. Part of me thinks they probably would fit perfectly had I done that.

  9. Thanks, Paul, that sounds like what I’ll try. I actually don’t own any selvedge, in part b/c I don’t really want to spend 150+ bucks on a pair of pants that may end up not fitting after both the shrinkage and stretching. Seems like a bit of a guessing game, although I guess that’s minimized if you get the sanforized stuff. So I figure I’ll start with a nice cheap pair from UO or the Gap and go from there. Also, agree with the other folks who really dig the belt.

  10. Question: Why/when do you decide to hem versus cuff your jeans? I know this can be a pain when you need to do “original hem” but seems like the selvage edge woudl be easy to hem after purchasing and wear down/distress with the rest of the garment?

  11. Daryl– Honestly, I just cuff my jeans like you see above… almost exclusively. It’s probably mostly out of laziness, in that I just don’t feel like going to the tailor. Sorry, I know that’s not very much help…

    Anyone else have thoughts?

  12. i have thought about purchasing these myself, but i wanted to know how good of craftsmanship they were. they’re a lot of denim snobs out there who wouldn’t give a second look to these, but they decent to me.

    how does the fit compare with levi’s jeans 514 and 511? anyone? i am real skinny, so i like jeans that don’t sag on me.

  13. spiffydave– I’d say the craftsmanship isn’t too bad, but then again, I’m not a denim snob.

    I’d say these are good in between for Levi’s 514s and 511s. The leg opening isn’t quite as tapered as the 511s, but definitely slimmer than the 514s.

  14. Paul,
    I had bought a pair of these back in November with the Groupon that Gap ran, but they didn’t have my size and I’ve been waiting to exchange. Finally found my size on a trip to Orlando, and was able to buy them and work out a complicated exchange when I got home to Fort Worth. Anyway, my question: Did you do a soak or hand wash after you got these? Or are they still unwashed?

    Thanks also for the advice on sizing down and toughing it out. The 32-32’s fit perfectly, so I held out for a 31-32 to allow for stretching and get a custom fit.

    • Hey Paul, can we get an update on how they look after the soak please? I’ve got a pair of these with a couple months on them and would like to see how they’re gonna turn out.

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