Team “No Break”

Last week, I had the pleasure of partaking in one of the very many sales that J. Crew seems to have.  What did I get?  A pair of Levi’s 501 jeans in the indigo ridge wash for a whopping $19.99.  Rumor had it that they also had a few pairs of selvedge 501s available for the same price, but I missed out on that.  No big deal… you still can’t beat a pair of Levi’s for twenty bucks!  Anyways, I decided I’d do things a bit differently with these jeans.  Normally, I cuff or roll my jeans… I like the look, and I have oddly short legs compared to my torso, so it’s necessary.  But for this pair, I took these bad boys to the tailor so that I may officially join Team “No Break,” a look perfected by it’s captain, Sid Mashburn.  Will some people appreciate the clean silhouette it will create?  I guarantee it.  Will some other people think I’ll look ridiculous?  I guarantee it.  But I don’t really care… it’s my style, not theirs.

These will become…


The jeans will be ready at the tailor tomorrow… I’m hoping they’ll be perfect.  Follow up post is sure to come.


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  1. Gabe– I had them taper the legs as well. I hear you on being wary of doing such things. But this is a good tailor, and the jeans were cheap as could be… so if it doesn’t turn out, oh well! Give it a try with an older pair of denim, and see how it goes!

  2. From what I can tell, there is nothing magical about denim that would make it more difficult to taper the legs (aside from the weight of the fabric) than any other pant. Do it, Gabe!

    Sadly, I also missed out on the selvage 501s at the Crew. Went to two stores and only found one pair of like 35×30 or something. Framp.

    I hope they turn out well, Paul.

  3. Thanks Tommy! I’ve had some jeans in the past turn out really well after tapering, and also one pair that turned out horribly. That always makes me nervous… I’m hoping this pair won’t go into the latter category.

  4. Team no break! I have my white 501’s from Sid’s shop and my APC new standards both no break and love ’em.
    Also, Paul, what tailor do you go to? I’m very happy with the work my current tailor does but am beginning to question pricing.

  5. I’m sure the sid mashburn aka “mash” will approve.

    MJW: There was a GQ a couple months ago that discussed prices on tailoring items. It was on this issue

    I just happened to pick up the mag for a read while I was waiting on my tailor to work on something. The prices my dude charges coincide with those that I read in the magazine. I live in a big market (Miami).


  6. Paul-

    By tapering the leg you are only going up to the knee or higher? What width do you take it to? Sorry for the question barrage I just have 2 pairs of 501s sitting in my closet to be tailored but I wanna do it right

  7. Justin– Damn! Unfortunately, I’m not smart enough to think of such things. Tell ya what… I’ll try on another pair of unaltered Levi’s 501s, and we’ll compare them to these.

  8. When tailored my 501s back in high school in ’86, the tailor did the taper up to the knee, from the side of the leg that didn’t have the factory finish stitching. I would do them with a 7.5″ inch opening to rock with Zodiac boots. That was narrow without much trouble getting my foot through. I’d go at least 8″ now on the opening.
    Or find ur favorite skinny jeans and match that. Voilà.

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