L.L. Bean Lounger Boot: Dreams of Perfection Endorsement

Last night, another great blog, Red Clay Soul, set forth an initiative to bring back one of the classic boots L.L. Bean made at one time… The Lounger Boot.  Skip from the blog Alex Grant threw his name in the hat soon after that.  Well count this as the official endorsement from Dreams of Perfection to bring back this pull-on boot.  Tell the world… Write your congressman… Scream it at the top of your lungs (at least so the good folks at L.L. Bean hear ya): WE WANT THIS BOOT BACK!  If anything, pass the word around and get everyone on board with such a worthy cause… Leave a comment to show your support.  An Open Letter to L.L. Bean:

Dear LL Bean,

For those of us that live down South, there are two perfect shoes produced by you: the Rubber Moc and the Lounger Boots. We don’t get a lot of snow, so there isn’t need for a bunch of laces. Just something to slip on slip off while keeping up that good looking style.

Please start offering your Lounger Boot again – they are sorely missed by quite a few of us.

All the Best,

L.L. Bean, please bring these back.  They’re perfect.

3 responses

  1. My 11th Grade English teacher had a pair of these that he used to pull on whenever it rained. I grew up wearing Bean boots, but never saw these until then. I’ve wanted a pair ever since.

    Here’s hoping.

    Great Site!

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