Head to Toe: Billy Reid

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a book signing at the Billy Reid store here in Nashville.  It was very nice to connect with some great people, meet the authors of a great cookbook (of which has strong ties to my beloved Ole Miss), and to be surrounded by products made from my favorite designer.  The few bourbon drinks I had, and the one beer were nice after a long day.  The fried chicken and maple-bacon wrapped breadsticks were an excellent way to satisfy the hunger that was raging war against my stomach.  Such a fun night inspires my “Head to Toe” post today.  In the spirit of the Billy Reid aesthetic, comfortable, but very high quality, products are combined with the thought of a get-together with friends in mind.

Southern Foodways Alliance Hat

Cable Henley

John T Shirt

Circle Belt in Dark Cordovan

Davis Selvedge Denim in Dark Wash

Worsted Wool Socks

Indianola Shoe-Boot

Large Tool Bag- Because you need something fancy to carry your 30 pack of Keystone Light in…

I find most everything Billy makes just perfect, so this is my favorite “Head to Toe” post yet.


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