Head to Toe: Rugby

Sticking with this week’s theme, “Head to Toe,” I’m looking at another favorite brand of mine, Rugby.  The younger son of Mr. Ralph Lauren has been around since 2004, and is focused more on a younger demographic.  This leads to a few questionable pieces, and some questionable styling on the models for their website, in my opinion.  But it’s easy to look past that and see that Rugby offers great staples for any guy’s wardrobe, as well as some fun here and there.  I’m a huge fan of their great fitting chinos and oxford cloth button downs, and they come at decent prices (especially when things go on sale).  This season, the brand has also added some higher-quality suiting made right here in the U.S.A.  So, today’s post will feature various products from Rugby that would be great when one needs to be a little bit more dressed up, when jeans might not be appropriate… fairly muted, but also with a little “kick in the face.”

Lambswool Patch Sweater

Skull & Bones Bow Tie

Thompson Striped Dress Shirt

Newburry Flannel Pants

Wool Buffalo Check Slipper

I left a belt out because the pants have a tabbed closure, making the belt not totally necessary.  But rocking Rugby head to toe like this could score some points with a pretty lady one night out for drinks.  Perfect.



2 responses

  1. The outfit is great and could go straight through to the holidays.

    However, let’s discuss the fact they are recommending the long johns as actual pants. Please tell me I’m reading the copy wrong.

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