Head to Toe: F.M. Allen

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this way, but I have some favorite brands that I could basically deck myself out, head to toe, exclusively with one brand.  I’m not really the type to actually do something like that on a given day… I mean, I don’t have an F.M. Allen or Brooks Brothers sponsorship or anything, so why do that?  I really wouldn’t advise anyone really doing that, to be honest (unless you’re this kid).  Regardless, I still find it would be very easy to do with certain brands.  So in that vein, I think the rest of the week will be dedicated to that theme: “Head to Toe.”  Take it as you will.  Think of it as a resource for some awesome pieces of clothing and footwear.  Or don’t think anything of it at all, I guess it’s all up to you!  Anyways, today’s brand is F.M. Allen… Enjoy!

Paddock Vest

Oxford Pinpoint Button Down

Mallard Tie

Cords with the Cinch Slip Belt

Devon Sporting Boot

And for my wrist… Expedition Watch

F.M. Allen is right on point with a lot of their pieces, and a quality that’s hard to match.  There isn’t a more perfect way to be decked out head to toe (until tomorrow’s post).



3 responses

  1. Christian– Thanks! And yeah, the mocs are pretty killer, as well. I love a lot of F.M. Allen’s line of footwear.

    Harold– They really do make awesome stuff!

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