The Tie Bar Silk Knit Ties

Most people seem to already be aware of The Tie Bar and their super cheap neckwear and accessories.  I have a few things from the company, and I love them.  But it wasn’t until last week until I knew they offered something else… I already own a knit tie from The Tie Bar, but it’s from their “Skinny Tie” collection, and it’s only 2″ wide.  It’s nice, but I wanted something wider for the same price.  Then BOOM!, I found I what I was looking for: Silk Knit Ties at 2.75″.  In my opinion, a tie hovering around the 2.75-3″ mark is the best width: not too skinny, not too wide.  It’s 100% silk, and made in China… hence the price tag of $15 a piece.  There are also numerous colors available…

The navy one I ordered.

So if you’re looking for a nice width on a silk tie… get some of these.  Because at this price, these are damned near perfect.



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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have 2 of their skinny knits that I bought over the Summer and I love them. But at 2.75″, it is the PERFECT width. Going to buy a couple now. Awesome – thanks!

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