No, not the White ones in Chicago or the Red ones in Boston, but rather, the socks that go on your feet (*Note:  I’ll always cheer for the White Sox over the Red Sox… my cousin played for both teams back in the 80s and 90s, but spent most of his career in Chicago, hence the reason).  Anyways, I’m not usually a big fan of socks.  I go sockless for as long as I can stand it.  But as it gets colder, they become quite necessary.  I’ve been a fan of J. Crew’s Camp Socks for some time, but have always wished they had a wool version to hug my feet inside my boots.  Enter: Billy Reid.  It’s no secret that Billy Reid is my favorite designer.  I’ve written about him many times… just enter his name in the search bar.  So I’m really glad to see he offers 100% worsted wool socks.  And guess what… they are $0.50 cheaper than the cotton blend that J. Crew sells.  The socks also have reinforced heels and toes, so there’s some decent quality built in to them, as well.  Currently, Mr. Reid is offering 20% off and free shipping until October 31st with the code “HOSPITALITY” at checkout.

These should even be perfect enough for a person who, like me, hates socks… check them out.


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