Tell them to go to hell this fall…

“Go to hell” pants seem like they are usually set aside for the Spring and Summertime.  People are usually more apt to get loud with their clothing during the warmer times of the year than when temperatures drop.  But I’d say getting a little crazy with your wardrobe during the fall and winter is an even better way to say “Go to hell.”  Pairing something colorful, or even atypically patterned, with the muted colors of a Fall/Winter wardrobe is an awesome way to stand out sartorially (in a good way).  As it goes with madras pants in the spring, it’s all about confidence, fit, and matching your own style.  For example, I wouldn’t rock camo pants myself.  It’s not my style.  But fellow blogger, Angelo, does it very well.  Obviously, you don’t want such things to dominated your entire wardrobe.  But one or two pieces will get you by.  Many great options are available from all kinds of brands: Rugby, L.L. Bean Signature, etc.  So pull out your blackwatch tartan, your your embroidered chinos, and brightly colored pants…

Fred, doing it right…

Angelo with his new Epaulet chinos…

Giuseppe rocking his green cords…

L.L. Bean Signature


Keep the rest of it neutral or muted to help these pants stand out that much more.  This will get that Fall/Winter style down perfectly.

4 responses

  1. Just came across your site – great blog! Love the post about GTH pants. I’m sporting a pair today – my orange cords. I’m so thrilled that fall is finally here and I can wear these. Although, I’m guessing that GTH pants are traditionally a guy thing. For us gals, I guess they’re everyday flair. 🙂

  2. Not A. Poser- Indie freaks? I don’t know about that… It’s all a matter of personal preference, I suppose. I cuff all of my pants. But good tailors can do marvelous things, I’ll give you that one!

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