Drakes of London x J. Crew???

It seems that J. Crew has once again snagged another fine brand to give to the masses.  It’s latest collaboration is with the wonderfully luxurious brand, Drakes of London.  Rather than paraphrase, I’ll lazily let the source tell you what’s up: from Drakes

Our collaboration with J Crew is new for Winter 2010 and is based around a small but perfectly selected group of rather special scarves including our Kings Cashmere quality and Guernsey Patchwork knits . Additionally the new J Crew flagship men’s store at 1040 Madison will be stocking a limited collection of  narrower braces. There are further plans afoot to produce an exclusive range for the women’s stores commencing Spring 2011.

Pretty awesome, if you ask me.  Currently, there are 4 styles of scarves available online.  The price ranges from $180-425.  Pretty high for a scarf, but these are probably some of the most sumptuous scarves available.  It’s also great because it makes such a product more available for customers to check such a thing out in person.  In the meantime, check them out now…

You won’t find a more perfect set of scarves…



6 responses

  1. Man, I’m kind of getting tired of J. crews collabs. Why not just make their own versions? If I want a Drakes anything I’m going to get it from Drakes. Or from Alden, or Red Wing, or HillSide.

  2. Zach– I definitely see your point… I probably would too. But I am still in favor of what J. Crew has been doing. Not many people can get hands-on with a Drakes scarf, or even a Hill-Side tie. This gives those people that opportunity. It just makes great products a little more accessible for folks to try on/see what they’re like in person.

  3. You are correct, sir. And honestly that is what its all about. The only gripe I really have with j. Crew are some their Sperrys. Very marked up.

  4. These look great but WAY out of my price range.

    Very good point on how JCrew is making these brands more accessible, keep up the good work.

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