Weekend Sales

With it being Friday, and Friday often times being “pay day” for some people, maybe you’re in the mood for some online shopping.  I know I always am on pay day.  Also with it being Columbus Day weekend, there are many good sales and promotions going on with various stores and brands.  Continuing on from last week, Rugby and Polo are still offering their “Give In Style” promotion, giving customers the chance to save 25% on their purchase, while donating 10% of that to charity.  On that same note, Cole Haan is also offering a chance to be charitable through a sale.  Today marks the beginning of their Common Cents promotion.  With a monetary donation of at least $10, one can save 20% on all full priced items.  Common Cents is a great endeavor set up to create service-learning programs in the community for children.  Outside of the realm of charitable sales, Gap is offering 30% off outerwear (but not all of it, so it seems).  The stylish, younger sibling of Lands’ End, Lands’ End Canvas, is starting their Fall Sale, with deals starting at 30% off.  And finally, as it goes with every weekend, J. Crew has opened up their Factory Online Store… Links attached to the pictures:

There is certainly more to be found out there, but this is a perfect starting point for finding all of your sales this weekend.


2 responses

  1. L.L bean signature has some sales too, Paul. Also, Octoberfest in Germantown on Saturday will make it a perfect weekend in Nashville.

  2. Good call Zach… and unfortunately, I can’t make it to Oktoberfest this year. I’m so disappointed about it too. Have fun while you’re there… eat a brat and drink a beer for me!

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