Hockey Season Is Finally Here…

For all you sports fans out there, today marks the opening day of games for the 2010-2011 NHL Hockey Season.  To honor such an occasion, I thought I’d steer away from style for a bit (although I’ve incorporated hockey and style together before).  This is really an awesome time of year for sports.  College and professional football are running at full gear, baseball is just starting up with the playoffs, and the National Hockey League officially drops the puck.  For those who may or may not know, I’m a huge hockey fan (somewhat of an anomaly living in the South).  I grew up playing the sport, still play it, and from now until the Stanley Cup Finals, will try to watch a game every night.  To me, nothing matches the speed, intensity, and blue-collar workmanship exhibited in the game of hockey.  It’s excitement run amuck.  What other sport has 200 lb. men moving at 25 miles per hour, smashing each other into walls?  What other sport has fighting as a real, and some would argue, integral part of the game?  It’s easy to see how graceful the game can be, and how punishing it can also be, all while being incredibly exciting.  If you’re like me and love hockey, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’re new to the game, give it a chance.  Go see a game if you have a team nearby.  If not, catch a game on TV.  You’ll be happy you did.

To me, there isn’t anything on Earth more perfect than hockey.


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  1. Paul: I had a similar post in mind. October is a great month for sports. NBA kicks off their regular season later this month too.

    I’m travelling to Chicago next week and I’m aiming to catch a Blackhawks game.

    Nice post!

  2. Thanks Christian! Yeah, October is an amazing time of year for sports. As a Nashville Predators fan, I’m obligated to hate everything associated with the Blackhawks… (but I’m secretly jealous you’re going to try and catch a game because that team is very talented, and I hear their games are very fun!)

  3. Hey that’s awesome, thanks Christian! Should be a great game… Both teams made some pretty significant changes over the off-season, so it will be an interesting match up, no doubt!

  4. Thanks for including Bobby Clarke. Few better exemplified the “blue-collar workmanship” that you mentioned. Also, for the record, when I get out there I’m still using a wooden Sher-Wood.

  5. Things Is Cool– I’m not much of a Flyers fan, but I love watching old video of Clarke. He was a work horse out there, and looked to be a great captain.

    And I hear ya on the old Sher-Wood stick… The 5030 with the Coffey curve is the only way to go! I’m actually buying a new one tonight to replace the one I broke recently.

  6. I don’t watch hockey that often but I played for about 10 years…and yes i too used the sher-wood 5030 with the coffey curve! haha

  7. Paul,
    I’m that anomaly of a Nashvillian that is a huge Blackhawks fan. Can’t help it, I was a born into a family of Chicago transplants. See ya at the bars!

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