Lands’ End Waxed Cotton Field Coat

Many people find that Barbour offers the best around in waxed cotton jackets (this guy included).  Many people, also, cannot afford a brand new Barbour jacket without a little time spent saving first (this guy included).  One option, obviously, is to scour eBay for an awesome deal.  I promise, they are out there.  But for those that don’t have the patience, or the luck, I think Lands’ End has a nice alternative.  LE’s Waxed Cotton Field Coat looks like it could come straight from Barbour.  And with a temperature rating of 10°F to 30°F, due to it’s plaid flannel lining, it’ll actually keep one quite warm, while also staying water-resistant.  The price is also right with the 25% off special Lands’ End is running on outerwear until tomorrow, costing only $119.63.

It’s no Barbour jacket, but at that price, it’s perfect enough…


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  1. This is a little off topic, but do you remember that J. Crew fireman’s jacket? I’m sure you do. Well I finally found one and I’m very happy with it. I located it in stock through J. Crew and then right before I pulled the trigger I found it on eBay for even cheaper. All is not lost though for you, when I was talking to J. Crew they told me that there will be a navy version coming out in January.

  2. Nice. Last night I was doing some research, for a jacket that will not be overkill, but will keep me warm for some of the cold fronts (few) that Miami does get. I have thin skin when it comes to cold weather. Thanks for pointing this out, I will also be looking at some of the other options that lands end has to offer.


  3. No problem, Harold! Yeah, I really think this is a decent option. Lands’ End quality is pretty decent… Plus, it’s a little heavier than other waxed coats out there, so it’ll carry you into the winter (or if you visit colder climates).

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