L.L. Bean Upland Field Coat in Waxed Cotton

This is going to be a short and “to-the-point” post.  L.L. Bean, why isn’t this jacket made in a Size Small?  I am not a big guy.  I would like to buy your product.  But I can’t because this product is not made in my size.  For those of you who are sizes “Medium to Extra Large,” feel free to grab this coat.  For those of you who are around 5’8″ and 155 lbs, then I guess we weren’t invited to this party.  It comes in two colors: Dark Tan and Dark Tan/Hunter Orange.  Seems like an awesome value coming in at $99.

If this jacket came in my size, it’d be perfect.


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  1. No offense, but I assume they figure that anybody who’s wearing a Man’s Small is likely a teenager and will be more likely to size up in a hunting jacket so, that they have room for growth and will have it for more seasons.

    Further, since it’s not a “fashion” item even if its blousy – who cares? It allows room for layering and lets the game bag expand more.

    I assume Bean knows its market and the Small is excluded for good economic rationales.

  2. Erick– A size Small is not a size that’s out of the ordinary, which is why I disagree with you. I could understand it being a bad idea economically to produce say an Extra Small, or a XXXL (as they probably wouldn’t sell that much of it).

    Further, I don’t know anyone who thinks it’s “fashiony” to wear the proper size. A size Small in a lot of Bean’s outerwear (which they do produce, just not in this jacket) leaves plenty of room for layering for me.

    Also, it is a bit offensive to “assume” that I have the body of a teenager. I am an adult… you shouldn’t assume things. I hope you’ve heard what people say about when one assumes something…

  3. I didn’t say I assumed you had the body of a teenager. Don’t infer offense where none was intended. Go back and read what I wrote.

  4. Apologies… I misread your comment. Still, I think a Small doesn’t put too much of a hardship on L.L. Bean’s production budget, but I see your point.

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