My F/W 2010 Footwear

Fortunately for me, Nashville does not get extreme weather in the fall and winter.  There’s not too much rain, and certainly hardly any snow.  So this helps me finalize my Fall/Winter footwear fairly easily.  Let me start off by letting you all know: there’s about to be a Cole Haan Love Fest going on below.  Most of my shoes I wear are Cole Haans.  I have the flattest feet ever (*still yet to be scientifically proven), and they are just too comfortable for me not to let them dominate my closet.  But there are a few other brands sprinkled in… I own most of the shoes below, and the rest I’m ordering within the next couple weeks.  So without further ado…

Bison Bean Boots

Justin Roper Boots

Cole Haan Penny Loafers

Cole Haan Tassel Loafers

Cole Haan Chukkas

Cole Haan Camp Mocs

Cole, Rood & Haan Double Monks

These will be the dependables… I may sprinkle in a saddle shoe here, or a boat shoe there.  But, for me, this is my perfect Fall/Winter shoe lineup.  What’s in yours?


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  1. I went with the wife this weekend to DSW because she needed some shoes for a wedding we were going to. I ended up picking up a pair of Bass suede bucs. Never had a pair before and they’re super comfortable. I was planning on getting those Cole Haan saddles you posted awhile back but i’m liking the bucs a lot.

    Between these and my LL Bean sig leather Ranger boots i should be set for the southern California f/w.

  2. I’ve been on the search for a good, brown, leather soul boot. Something that’d look good with jeans, chinos, or flannel trousers…yet to find the perfect pair, but between that future pair of boots a pair of desert boots, and some various other shoes in my closet, I’ll be good for the season

  3. Harold– Thanks! I really do like the camp mocs… they are an awesome dark brown color in person. And sorry you don’t get to share in the F/W frenzy going on around the blogosphere… but we’ll all be sick of it in 2 months, and probably be heading down to Miami for the warmer weather.

  4. I read blogs related to style and fashion for some two years now or more….and ever since I show the LLBean Bison Boots I thought my self how the hell someone that is interested about style (or how it looks) will ever wear those ugly boots. I thought that these were the ugliest boots ever saw… Now two years later or more, I’m seriously consider ordering a pair (actually the exact one you have on the pic).
    I have study marketing and I have a MSc. in Consumer Behavior….this must be called brainwashed by the blogs or what??? 🙂 🙂

  5. AthensStyle– The Bison Bean Boots are the best pair I’ve ever owned! I’ve had 3 pair in my life (one as a little kid, wore a pair through high school and college, now the Bison boots… I won an auction on eBay and got those brand new for $15!). The great thing about a Bean Boot is that it is not trendy… you can literally wear that style boot your entire life, and not have to worry about trends, or anything like that. Glad you’re starting to like them!

  6. I love Cole Haan and used to work there and I have to say DO NOT buy the Chukkas, I made that mistake. They are a horribly made shoe, even though they are ridiculously cheap right now on the website (they are also in the Clearance stores because there is a massive overstock of them) I still would not buy them. They are not as comfortable as the rest of the Cole Haan with Nike Air and the stitching falls out very easily. Also FYI they have a crepe sole, not everyone really likes crepe soles, so I was sure to point that out to our clients.

  7. Bryce– I actually own the chukkas and really love them… Mine have held up very well, and the crepe sole is my favorite part! I find them quite comfortable… But everyone’s foot is different; so you’re right, they may not be for everyone!

  8. Well that’s awesome to hear that they are working out for someone. I love the look of them, they just don’t work on my feet or most clients I worked with. They are an awesome looking shoe, but just watch out for the stitching on the back, it came undone on my shoes after wearing them twice and I had a few returns with the same problem. But on a lighter note, the Camp Moc is probably in my top five favorite pairs of Cole Haan shoes. Even though they don’t have Nike Air, they are still super comfortable and a great fall look.

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