EP’s Rivet Chino in Double-Faced Digi Camo

Now I’m not endorsing the digi camo look that so many seem to love.  But, at the same time, I’m not going to hate on anyone for rocking it.  If you’ve got the balls to rock some camo pants, be my guest.  I just don’t think I could pull it off.  But for those of you who can, Epaulet has you covered.  Epaulet chinos look like they offer that slim fit that we’re all after.  I can’t vouch for them personally, as I do not yet own a pair… but rest assured, I would very much like to get a pair soon (just probably not in digi camo).  These pants do look to be incredibly well made with the main rear seam taped and reinforced, and the single curtain waistband that helps keep your shirt tucked.  So if you want something more than just a normal pair of khaki chinos, go this way and get “military-inspired” all over everyone’s asses…

So if you’re in need of some slim-fitting chinos that scream “United States Marine Corps,” then these are perfect.

Editor’s note: Epaulet is probably my favorite store that I’ve never been to… the first reason being they have a pet Boston Terrier.  Boston Terriers are the shit.  I have two of them myself.


7 responses

  1. I have a bunch of old jungle camos from my Air Force days. Though I still wear my old Air Force dress shirts (hooked up by my tailor), I dont think I would rock the camo steez. I like the digital camo far better than the jungle camo.

  2. I generally prefer traditional camo to digi, but these are icy. I’ve been hating on all the cargo camo pants, but slimmed up sans pockets is a great way to go.

  3. Two words: camo pants. That is assuming these aren’t for hunting.

    It’s alright, every artist has a critic, I just happen to be yours.

  4. Not A. Poser– As I said in the post, just like you, the digi camo look is not for me. But, you and I are not the only folks roaming around the internet… This post was simply meant to bring such a product to the attention of anyone interested.

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