Some love for fleece…

Fleece doesn’t get enough love around the style blogosphere… and I’m not quite sure why.  Anytime outwear is mentioned, the majority of the time it’s about some sort of waxed cotton this, or puffy vest that.  By all means, include me in with that.  I don’t talk about it much either.  Maybe people view it as too sporty or technical; I’m not sure.  But, to me, a fleece pullover can be just as classic as a wool peacoat or perhaps a waxed rain jacket.  Why not?  People have been wearing them for 30+ years… cars that old can be called classic, so I’m calling fleece pullovers classic, as well.  In my mind though, there’s only one piece of fleece anyone should own: the Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T.  Made of 10.6 oz. polyester fleece (86% of which is recycled fleece… now that’s just good for the environment), it’ll keep one quite warm on cool fall nights.  And they come in around a thousand different colors (exaggeration’d!), so it shouldn’t be hard to find one you like.  I probably get the most use out my Snap-T than any other piece of outerwear I own… of course, it doesn’t get frigidly cold in Tennessee that often.

Patagonia does fleece perfectly right…

8 responses

  1. Trip– Right you are…

    Nicolas– Isn’t it crazy to think about how bad fleece is for the environment? I really like the strides Patagonia has taken to try and make as much of their products recyclable as possible.

  2. Paul – Yeah, just thought it was an interesting argument. I have way too much fleece in my house, it’d be hypocritical, and I do think great strides have been taken. Personally I think the Snap-T will always be a classic.

  3. Brandon– The Marsupial is alright. I prefer the Snap-T myself, but I’m not gonna hate on the Marsupial. It’s all about preference; and if you prefer a zipper, then that’s the way to go.

  4. Good Day,

    I am an enormous fan of the Synchilla Fleece. I have five of them and all in different colors. Exceptional Post (New Follower).


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