The Aesthete: Dreams of Perfection

The Pursuit Aesthetic is, by far, one of my favorite sites to visit daily.  Brennan does a wonderful job with the blog.  Intent on delivering unique looks from all sorts of style palates, I find many of the posts inspiring.  One particular series Brennan has running is quite good, The Aesthete: “styled outfits (or “kits” as some refer to them), which are representative of their individual style.”  I’ve really enjoyed checking out a new Aesthete post everyday, and seeing who was involved.  So why not give it a try myself?  First and for most, style is probably one the biggest ways a person can express themselves.  It’s the easiest way to show off the things you like.  With that in mind, I hope the clothing I choose to wear conveys who I am: Southern, preppy, a bit outdoorsy (and always carrying a pack of gum)…

Shirt: Billy Reid x Levi’s; Jeans: J. Crew; Bow Tie: Pierrepont Hicks; Vest: Filson; Belt and Shoes: Cole Haan; Wallet: Jack Spade; Handkerchief: The Hill-Side; Pen: Parker; Book: Faulkner; Gum: Eclipse

I own most of the things listed here… a couple of them are on my list.  Regardless, it’s kind of fun to think of one’s own style.  It’ll always be perfect in your own mind.


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