Fall Uniform: School Spirit

This past weekend’s trip to Oxford, overall, was a success.  Despite the second embarrassing loss in just three weeks for Ole Miss football, I had one of best weekends in down in Mississippi in quite some time.  But, being from Nashville, I work with many Vanderbilt graduates… all of which I participated in some serious trash talk (not overly mean, but trash talk, nonetheless) in the week leading up.  Well Saturday’s loss happened, I drank a fifth of bourbon in the Grove with great friends, and slowly realized that, as of now, I don’t really care about the rest of this year’s football season.  If we win some games this year, great; if we lose out the rest of the season, whatever… I’m done for now.  But the hardest part out of all of it, was coming to work here in Nashville and facing those coworkers.  But as disappointed as I am in my team, I still support the University of Mississippi… 100%.  I’m wearing my colors today, proudly:

Bow Tie: Polo; Shirt: J. Crew; Belt: Volunteer Traditions; Chinos: Blue in Green; Loafers: Cole Haan

My school may have played like crap this weekend, but I, most certainly, will not stopping rocking the colors.  Which is perfect in my book.

8 responses

  1. Better be great fit/quality for $175! So you really don’t think a two touchdown loss to Vandy is going to further warm Nutt’s seat? Are you happy with him?

  2. Memphis– Ole Miss won’t fire Nutt after 3 games… and to go even further, they probably wouldn’t fire him after one disappointing season. That’s way to expensive b/c they’d have to pay him off. Two disappointing seasons in a row? Then yes, then I’d say they would consider it. It’s just plain irrational to start calling for a firing after 2 losses.

    And like I’ve said, Vandy/Ole Miss games never go the way people think they will. Back in ’03 with Eli, we barely beat them 24-21. Then in 2006, under the horrible reign of Ed Orgeron, Vanderbilt destroyed us 31-17. For Ole Miss, as sad as it is, the Vanderbilt game should never be overlooked.

  3. Wouldn’t this be the second disappointing season, though? Last year there was pre-season talk of y’all winning a National Championship and y’all ended up being 8-4. Not a bad year, but certainly not what was expected. This is a down year for y’all in terms of talent. Nutt is supposed to win games in these kinds of seasons. At least that’s what people say, anyway. You’re being much kinder to him than many of the OM fans down here. I’ve heard quite a few people calling for both his and Boone’s heads.

  4. Jamie– Stick to the size chart on their website. I have a 31 waist usually, so I got a size 29.

    Memphis– I would hardly call a repeat trip to the Cotton Bowl a disappointing season. I’d take that every year. Most Ole Miss fans who are somewhat level-headed knew we were overrated last year. I’m not going to lie, it was cool that we made it all the way to #4 in the nation… but come on, really? 8-4 is only a disappointing season if you’re a team like Alabama, or even USC out west (before they picked up Kiffin).

    I’m not calling for HDN’s firing… but yes, I can agree with the axing of Pete Boone. He’s a piece of shit.

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