Weekend Plans: Ole Miss Football

I’m excited… Later today, I’ll be heading down to Oxford for some football, bourbon, tailgating, and fun times with friends.  I will no doubt over indulge in all things good.  The food will be great, no doubt, and so will the times to be had.  But how about ya’ll… what are your plans for the weekend?  This pretty much will sum up mine:

Perfect… Hotty Toddy!  Go Rebels!


5 responses

  1. I don’t think too hot at all, to be honest. We are, in fact, the only team in the SEC that is not allowed to just kick the shit out of Vanderbilt… check our record against them, it’s always way too close. For some odd reason, VU likes to actually play football any time they go up against us.

  2. Daryl– Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of documented origin of the cheer… but it’s just something Ole Miss students and fans have said since some time around the 1930s.

  3. My plans are easy, east nash tonight. Patterson house tomorrow, chased with the Nashville symphony at Lipscomb. Sunday like any other, watch football and observe the day of rest.

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