J. Crew Woodland Jacket

J. Crew latest New Arrivals are looking pretty great.  Including such items as chamois shirts, a fine looking Fair Isle sweater, and some nice tweed jackets, my favorite piece is the Woodland Jacket.  Hands down.  It’s actually the piece I was most excited about after J. Crew unveiled their fall collection a few months back.  I had a chance to quickly check out the jacket in person last weekend on a trip to the mall.  I didn’t try it on (I didn’t feel like pulling it off the hanger… it was hot in the store, and I was feeling lazy), so I don’t know how it fits.  But my experience with other pieces of J. Crew outerwear leads me to believe that this one will fit just fine, too.  The jacket is made of Halley Stevenson oilcloth, and it has some nice details: corduroy collar, snap button front closure, and adjustable button-tabs on the cuffs.  It’s also got a plaid, quilted liner, so it has a bit of heft to it.  It’s definitely heavier than a lot of other waxed/oiled cotton jackets from J. Crew, so it should take you right through early winter.

I’m really liking this jacket… but since I was too lazy to try it on, I’m reserving perfect status for when I do.


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  1. GREAT jacket. Saw it in the store the other day also. Kinda wish I tried it on myself but I was resisting in case I might accidentally purchase it… just picked up some sale shirts instead, to make myself feel like I didn’t leave empty-handed. haha.

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