Carhartt Roper Pant

UNIONMADE GOODS has recently stocked their online store (and probably their brick-and-mortar shop… I don’t know, it’s on the other side of the country) with some amazing new Carhartt pants: the Carhartt Roper Pant.  These particular pants are a part of Carhartt’s Heritage line (read: slimmer fit + higher quality materials = more expensive).  Available in either 14 oz selvedge denim or 12 oz 100% selvedge cotton canvas, they come in at a fairly affordable $140.  Both pairs have the same details: cinch back, slim fit, button fly… all the good stuff.  I especially like the cotton canvas version.  Pair these with some roper boots (who would’ve thunk it?!), and you are set… For those more concerned with fit, I can’t vouch for how slim these actually are, having not seen them in person.  But, knowing how full-legged normal Carhartt duck pants are, these are no doubt better fitting.

For those wanting these pants, please take note: These are perfect to beat the crap out of… get ’em, wear ’em.  Done.


7 responses

  1. Can anybody tell me how slim these pants are? I’m a rather lanky fellow so I enjoy my pants rather slim. “Skinny” if you will. I’m really into tough quality clothing and have been looking to find a pair of duck canvas pants that won’t make me look like a genie. Please let me know just how slim these slim pants are.

  2. Bit late on the uptake here but I go a pair of these, and theres no doubt on first look they are amazing jeans but Ive found the build quality is really poor, rivets and button covers popping off.

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