Levi’s x Billy Reid Denim Workshirt

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’ve been geeking out all over this shirt over the past week or two.  The Denim Workshirt, by far, my favorite piece from this collection (which is available online and in stores starting today).  “Attention to detail” is once again the name of the game, and this shirt does not fall short with it.  After being dipped in a resin bath, the shirt was put on to create creases in various places.  The shirt was then baked in an oven to have the creases set in place.  Some people might scoff at this and think “add creases and wear by doing it yourself.”  But I think this is a pretty cool process, and enjoyed learning how they did it.  I’m definitely going to go check it out for myself tonight at the Billy Reid store here in Nashville, and probably share some bourbon with the fellas

This shirt is perfect, hands down…


5 responses

  1. Ha it reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer baked his shirt…

    We’ll see if I do it… didn’t budget for an extra $150 denim shirt this month.

  2. Justin– I did not… with a trip out of town planned for this weekend, I decided against pulling the trigger. But I will say, the shirt is amazing in person. Matter of fact, EVERY PIECE IN THE COLLECTION IS AMAZING. If you’re thinking of purchasing anything, do it. I also really liked the Twill Jacket that has the apron inside it. Very nice…

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