Gap Selvage- 17 days after purchase…

So I was fortunate enough to receive the wonderful gift of a camera for my recent 25th birthday… I think it is about time to feature some content around these parts that include pictures NOT taken with an iPhone.  But I’ve quickly learned that getting a camera does not automatically come with photography skills… who would have guessed?  Anyways, I’ve had my Gap Selvage jeans for 17 days now, and in that time, I’ve probably worn them around 10 times with a minimum of 6 hours of wear each time.  So far, so good.  The thighs stretched out slightly, as has the waist without being too loose.  Creases are showing up where they should.  I’ve even had the slightest amount of fading on the back pocket where I keep my wallet.  I feel good about it though because this denim isn’t, by any means, the heaviest denim around, and I’ve been wearing them fairly hard.  Also, the jeans have already had their first spill: nacho cheese.  Anyways, feel free to check them out… and also, feel free to ignore the bush league photography.

See if you can find the nacho cheese spill…

A little blurry, but it shows the honeycombs forming…

Overall, I’m very happy so far.  Happy with the wear, and happy that I can now add more original content to the site with a new camera.  Perfect all around (except for the crappy photography skills).

UPDATE: Per Justin’s request for a fit pic… this is an iPhone pic, and it’s all I’ve got for now.


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  1. I, myself, snagged a pair of these for a cool $40 back in July. I still haven’t worn them yet, though. The only thing I’m not too keen on is the 1969 logo on the back outside hem. Due to this factor, alone, it makes wearing a belt with these a necessity (if you plan on tucking in your shirt).

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t include a fit pic in them. I think people have shied away from these because of the “skinny” connotation, which is a shame.

  2. Justin– I hope the picture above will do for now… It’s all I’ve got. I will update it with a proper one later today.

    As far as that “1969” logo, I agree. I don’t like it either… But I ALWAYS wear a belt, so it’s kind of been a non-issue for me. And I was nervous about the whole “Skinny” name given to these also. But after wearing them, I think “Slim-Straight” would be a more accurate description.

  3. Nice! I’m wearing my year old Gap Selvage today, and they do show some nice wear. Only soaked mine once, around 6 months in, and it may have been a bit premature. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the fit, and the wear it’s been showing.

    I work at, and just picked up a pair of the Billabong Selvage jeans we are carrying here. Look and feel is the same as the Gap. Might even be the same material. Not used to a more slim fit rubbing on my legs, but, they’ve only had one wearing so far!

  4. According to mine should be arriving today. Went a few weekends ago to pick up a pair and they only had about 3 skinnys left, all size 34 waist and higher. I’ll let you know how i like them. How did you clean of the nacho cheese?

    Thanks for the update.

    I’m loving my red chambray LEC shirt btw. Hidden button, pen pocket, lots of cool details!

  5. Fit pic updated with another iPhone picture…

    Harold– Thanks man! And yes, the LEC red chambray does have a pen pocket… it’s a pretty decent shirt with nice details.

  6. I was on the Gap website and a few people said because of the rigid wash they had to go a size up. Did you have the same experience? I’m thinking of buying these…

  7. Warren– I would advise against sizing up. I wear a 30 waist and bought that… the jeans have since stretched about an inch in the waist. I actually considered sizing down, but it was just too snug. Part of me kind of wishes I had toughed it out, because they are just slightly loose now.

    Look for an update post this week on these jeans.

  8. Warren– The rise is fairly low. Not so low that you can’t keep your shirt tucked in though. Sorry, I don’t have any measurements at the moment.

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