InVEST in one…

I definitely think of a vest as an essential piece for fall.  No question about it.  One can really get all kinds of use out of them in the autumn season, and even in winter.  They are great standing alone, and even better when layered.  In college, the frat boy that I was would only consider one vest to wear: the Patagonia Retro-X Fleece Vest.  I still love this vest, but since then, have developed a deeper appreciation for different styles and options for vests.  Besides fleece, you could go with quilted or down vests, and even a vest built for the rain.  Prices ranges for decent vests range all over the place, and can be had as cheap as $15 (seriously).  But if you don’t have one yet, please consider picking one up.  You’ll be glad you did…

Filson, $105

Lands’ End, $15… Chris has this one, looks good.

Patagonia Retro-X, $149

Barbour, $199

L.L. Bean Waxed Cotton, $89

Any way you slice, a vest will keep you comfortable this fall.  Invest in one; they’re perfect.


7 responses

  1. Trip– I know, right? It’s in their “Cheap as shit section” (my words, not theirs). $15 makes it a no-brainer… plus it’s Lands’ End, so the quality is alright.

  2. EastofOxford– Yeah it is longer… I’m a size small in that vest. I wore it shooting a few times back in college. And it was nice for that. But then it got stolen out of the truck while in my possession (wasn’t my vest, I still feel bad about that).

    PS Have fun in NOLA this weekend. Hopefully our defense won’t be so shitty.

    • I could see the vest being functional for shooting, but not for casual wear, sorry to hear it was stolen.
      I’m pretty upset with Ole Miss football right now, our secondary looked pathetic. I’m glad ESPN televised the end of the game, so the whole nation could witness us lose.

  3. I really like the Bean waxed cotton vest. Although I have quite a few fleece versions (Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain HW), I like how the Bean version looks ‘grown up’, but not to ‘English Countryside’.

  4. Team: I’m a fan of the Barbour Quilted zip front waist coat/vest. It’s longer, sure, but works great zipped in to the ole Beaufort and stands alone for cool fall nights.

    And while I still covet my tan retro X vest, this one is much less fratty and dare I say it, dressier (ie polished).

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