Levi’s x Billy Reid

So much for hoping for a good football season.  As I’m sure every knows, my Rebels were just embarrassed (I’m not linking this, so go look at the scores if you didn’t hear).  We could go undefeated the rest of the season, but nobody will look past this lost.  Ok, I’m done talking about it… on to things of the sartorial nature instead.  One thing I’m extremely excited about this week is the release of the Levi’s x Billy Reid collaboration on Friday.  Different pieces from the collection have leaked here and there, and it all looks damn fine.  As to be expected with anything from Levi’s, it all looks sturdy as hell.  And Mr. Reid, no doubt, made sure the quality is top notch.  And as a special thank you to his customers, Billy Reid is giving one person the opportunity to win three pieces of their choice from the collection.  Check out his Facebook page for that.  Watching this video from Cool Hunting has got me really wanting that denim workshirt… As a little taste, GQ released some pictures of the pieces for our viewing pleasure, also be sure to stop in to a store near you to see it all in person this Friday.

I can’t wait to see it all in person myself… it looks perfect.

PS: Hope everyone here in the US had a perfect Labor Day, as well!

UPDATE: Click here to see the whole collection!


8 responses

  1. I saw that collaboration just in passing at one of their stores… didn’t take a close look. When looking at it online, it doesn’t seem too special. But I’ll hold off with my final opinion until taking a closer look.

  2. The Brooks Brothers are nice, not selvedge or raw, but nice. The detailing is nice, and they feel better than regular 501’s. Honestly, I checked out the Billy Reids, and for only about 30 or 40 bucks more than the Brooks, I’d go for the Reid’s. They just seem like they’d get that more personal look after they do some nice fades and combs.

  3. Though I must say I whince when I see that picture of Billy modeling the shirt and the jeans together. One piece of denim is all anyone should ever wear at a time. Just my opinion, which ain’t worth much.

  4. Zach– The Billy Reid 501s are definitely incredible… I’d recommend them to anyone after seeing them in person last week. And I agree with you Zach, I’d keep that denim shirt separate from the jeans too.

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