F.M. Allen Fall Favorites

Apologies for the recent absence… Monday I helped my dad who had some routine surgery (he’s fine, and already feeling better), and then yesterday was my 25th birthday (so I was celebrating instead of writing).  But I’m back, and I’ve missed all of you!  Anyways, moving on… I’m pretty excited about F.M. Allen’s new fall collection.  I was down in Franklin, TN for brunch on Sunday, and I walked past the windows of the store (I would have gone in, but it’s closed on Sundays).  Everything I could see was great… sturdy sport shirts, great jackets, and everything one could want for stomping around outdoors.  That prompted me to check their website to get a better look.  I suggest you do the same.  Some of my favorites include the Bournemouth Sport Coat, the Waxed Cotton Paddock Coat, and the Moleskin Jeans:

Bournemouth Coat

Weekend Bag

Waxed Cotton Paddock Coat

Shooting Shirt

Moleskin Jeans

Really great stuff… More perfection from F.M. Allen.


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  1. Harold– I saw the shooting shirt on one of the mannequins in the window at the store… real nice shirt! And don’t worry, shenanigans will be in abundance this weekend. I took it easy with it being a Tuesday birthday.

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