Barbour Jackets

I think it’s easy to agree that Barbour is one of the official brands of Fall.  As soon as the leaves change color, the air gets a little crisper, and weather turns south, many people break out their Barbours.  Whether opting for a classic wax cotton coat, a quilted coat, or even a fleece or wool vest, one can literally get through the season with just that coat.  And even us folks down South, we can wear ours long in to winter.  But it all goes back to a matter of personal preference.  Barbour is a company that’s been around for quite some time, so naturally, they’ve amassed quite a collection of different styles to offer.  Personally, the Bedale is the jacket for me… and the Dunmoor fleece vest, for those days I don’t need sleeves.  But what about y’all?  Which is your favorite?







Whether shown here or not, Barbour’s got some perfect pieces of outerwear.  What gets your pick?


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  1. Memphis– The Bedale is great… I like it because it’s a little shorter than say, the Beaufort. But with Barbour, price = quality. That jacket will last you forever (as long as you re-wax). Keep checking eBay, my friend!

  2. Trip– I can see why folks wouldn’t like the idea of a Barbour fleece vest, but I used to own one (before it was stolen!!!), and it’s nicer than any other fleece vest on the market (Patagonia and the like). But you’re right, the Westmoreland is awesome.

  3. I’ma beaufort man myself, but it’s because the bedale looks like i’m wearing a jacket too smal for me. It’s about fit, natch.

    I also have the Eksdale for fall that’s pretty awesome, but totally different than the waxed coats.

  4. Daryl– you are spot on… it is all about fit! I’m the opposite, the Beaufort makes me look like a kid wearing his dad’s jacket. It’s just too long for me. And the quilted Barbour jackets are choice. Good call with the Eksdale!

  5. th– I personally would probably go for a trench or something, but it could be done, I’m sure… In the description of the Border jacket on Orvis, they actually mention doing that:

    “If you’re looking for that same smart look, but want to wear it over your suit, the longer-waisted Border is for you.”

  6. Matey, what do you think of the BarbourXTi Ko To series, I got my eyes on the Fishing Jacket, but have no ideat of the quality. Are the Beacon Heritage Wax Jackets made in UK anyway?

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