Roper Boots

If there is one pair of boots that are tied with Bean Boots as my favorite set of shit-kickers, it’s gotta be Roper Boots.  I got my first pair as a young child of five.  My latest pair was purchased back in 2005.  I’d say Roper Boots probably get a lot more wear down here in the South than something like Red Wing Irish Setters, or some other form of work boot.  Not to say it’s better or anything, I think it’s just a preferred style down here.  I, for one, am in that camp.  I love my Justin’s… and the great thing about Roper Boots is the harder you are on them and the worse you treat them, the better they look.  With the release of Orvis’ US Patent Collection, I’d like to look into their Double H roper boot… but it’d be hard to say goodbye to my current pair.

Justin- the boots I own

The new Frye’s from the US Patent Line

Double H’s from the US Patent line

Billy Reid Ropers

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of ropers… they’re perfect.


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  1. I own those same Justin Ropers in the first image. Seeing this post made me realize that I don’t break ’em out as often as I should.

    Thanks for the reminder. Indeed, they are perfect.

    – Jeremiah

  2. Jeremiah– Ropers don’t get the credit [I think] they deserve around the blogosphere… They’re rugged as hell…

    We’ll start a roper revolution.

  3. Hell yeah on the Roper Revolution!

    Nothing like ’em. There is a certain bravado I have when I wear them… Hard to explain unless one owns a pair and feels it for himself.

    Makes me wish I had mine on right now.

    – Jeremiah

  4. Not sure those Double H’s totally qualify. A super nice lady I worked with once taught me what made a roper boot a roper boot – and she said it was a decidedly low heel – I think so you didn’t get stuck in the stir-ups when on the saddle is what she said. I didn’t even know I was wearing roper boots ’til she explained it all to me.

  5. Trip– I don’t mind it as much… I will agree that distressing the boots on your own is definitely the way to go. The quality of those Billy Reid boots though is out of this world… and there’s not much wrong with that!

  6. I am going to get some boots this fall and have been considering either a pair of ropers or a pair of Wolverine 1,000 mile boots. I like the pair of Justins that you have. What belt do you wear with those?

  7. Memphis– those are some great options to choose from… As far as a belt goes, options are limitless. A brown belt would obviously be the best choice, and probably one on the more casual side.

  8. Seems like it’d be a tough brown to match up with. I know shoes and belts don’t have to match up exactly, but I like it to be close.

  9. I”m with Trip on the Billy Reid’s – I just don’t dig the coloring and the curve looks a bit like a clown shown shape.

    That being said, I’ve had my eye on these Justin’s for a while after having the traditional cowboy boot for years.

  10. Daryl– Give those Justin’s a try… I get more use out of them than I do my Durango cowboy boots (I’m from Nashville… of course I have cowboy boots!)

  11. I usually wear a size 8.5, but bought a size 9 so I can wear thicker socks with them… Part of me wish I bought an 8.5 though, because they still feel slightly big. So I’d say they run true to size.

  12. JRS– The Justin’s are pretty much the standard.

    Greg– I loved those Ropers from a while back… kinda wish Billy still offered them. I’d shell out for those.

  13. I’m never buying a pair of pre-distressed footwear again. Never works out. I have a pair of tony lama’s that were distressed and they live up on shelf of my closet. Also have a pair of NDC oxfords that look terrible and fell apart.

    I’m liking these Lucchese’s

    BTW, I like this site. Great to get a stylish southern perspective.

    Austin, TX native

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