A quick review of Lands’ End Canvas Shirting

I picked up my first Lands’ End Canvas shirts this past weekend, so I thought I’d give my take on them.  Many people have shown their love towards the more stylish, better fitting version of the brand; well, hopefully you’re not sick of reading such things.  I really can’t think of a single bad thing to say about these shirts.  I picked up the Red Heritage Chambray Workshirt and the Heritage Stripe Oxford in Gull Gray.  They look great either untucked or tucked in.  I’ve read complaints that the shirts may be a little short, causing problems when tucking.  But maybe it’s because I’m on the shorter side (5’8″), but I didn’t seem to have any sort of problem with the shirts coming out.  The armholes are high, which helps the shirt stay in place throughout the day while tucked in.  I was confused about the sizing though.  According to their size chart, I should be a medium with a 38″ chest.  But after trying the shirt on, I’m clearly a small.  I wasn’t expecting to have to size down with touted “refined, tailored fit.”  So if you are planning on ordering a shirt, consider sizing down.  Anyways, I wore the shirts to work yesterday and today.  Just take a look for yourself and check out the fit (bathroom mirror’d!)…

Shirt: LEC Red Chambray; Belt: FM Allen; Pants: J. Crew Urban Slim Fit

Shirt: LEC Heritage Strip Oxford; Belt: Cole Haan; Pants: Bonobos– And if you notice, it looks like the bathroom mirror needs to be cleaned!

Not a bad fitting shirt at all… damn near perfect for off the rack!


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  1. Sam– It’s worth a try with a medium. I would think a large would end up being to long in sleeve length, and overall shirt length. Lands’ End return policy is pretty awesome. Plus LEC is carried by many Sears locations, so it may be worth a trip to the mall.

    Gabe– the neck is barely tight, but not uncomfortable when buttoned (I have a size 15.5 neck, for a point of reference). The width of the back seems fine too. I have fairly broad shoulders for being a small guy, and I don’t have any problems with how the shirt fits.

    • Perfect. Looks like you and I are similar. 5’7″, 15.5 neck, wide shoulder for a small guy too. I’ll definitely be checking these out in my endless pursuit of a well-fit OTR shirt.

  2. I have the solid oxford in Gull Gray and agree with you on all points. As far as tucking, I’m 6’3 160lbs and wear a small, and while I could use more fabric in the legth, it never comes un-tucked. The fabric and construction are great as well. I just ordered the red chambray pictured, the cordovan oxford, and the dyed oxford in spruce with the 25% off and free shipping coupon over the weekend, can’t wait to get them! Thanks for the review.

  3. DannyQ– Good to hear that it still doesn’t really come untucked too much with a taller guy. The garment dyed oxfords are choice, and that cordovan color was actually my pick for the next one I’m ordering! Thanks for reading!

  4. Great post Paul. My initial orders with LEC were Mediums as well, however I had to return and jump down to Smalls. They all fit perfectly now.

    So many items I’m planning on picking up at LEC….have to watch myself so I don’t blow half my paycheck each time I do buy something!

  5. Thanks AJ, and I know what you mean about dropping a load of cash on this stuff. The price is so nice, and it’d be easy to get carried away!

  6. Great post. Out of curiosity, how’s the cut and fit of those Bonobos?
    While we are on the subject, any idea what the fit on the Jack Donnelly khakis is ? I’m still searching for the perfect fit, not too slim and not too baggy.
    Hotty Toddy

  7. EastofOxford– Thanks man… I had to have all of my Bonobos pants tapered a little bit. They fit a little “baggier” than I prefer, but once that was done, they are some of the best fitting, lighter-weight pants I’ve ever own. The Jack Donnelly’s are similar. They needed to be slimmed up a bit as well, but they’re sturdy as hell…

    Most chinos I buy I end up get at least little tailored. The Rugby chinos are next on my list to try… we’ll see if they need to tailored.

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