Gap Selvage Denim

Apologies go out to all those who may have missed me with the lack of posts as of late (I’m looking at you, Mom!)… I was on vacation last Friday and yesterday.  It was a great time, and very much needed before things get really busy at work.  But while on vacation, I was able grab a pair of Gap Selvage denim on the cheap.  Take this as my firm endorsement.  Obviously, you are going to be able to find higher quality denim out there.  But at full price, these jeans cost around $90; and with all the deals and discounts Gap throws at the consumers pretty much weekly, these become incredibly affordable.  The denim is not very heavy, so wear and tear (which is what we all want in our jeans, right?) should happen sooner than later.  But all the details are there: rigid indigo rinse, button fly, selvage trim on the coin pocket, and the single blue rivet Gap loves to put on their jeans.  I picked up the “Skinny Fit,” and believe me, it’s not as skinny as others out there.  Levi’s 511 fit is much slimmer.  For a point of reference, these are just slightly slimmer than the straight fit, so naturally, I think of it more as a slim-straight fit.  But if you’re looking for an introductory into the world of selvage denim, check out Gap (especially if they are having a random 20% off sale like they always seem to have).  And please excuse the crappy cell phone images, but hey, it’s all I’ve got…

For the price, it doesn’t get any more perfect…


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  1. I’m very close to a new jeans purchase. I’ve been leaning towards Tellason or Baldwin but hell, I’m right across the street from a Gap and now I want to try these hahaha. I have a problem, and you’re enabling me. Thanks, Paul!

  2. I’ve been on the hunt as of late also for some new jeans… Sign up for Gap’s email mailing list, and when you get an email about a sale or discount, I’d say pull the trigger. They really aren’t bad for the price you pay… as far as enabling you, ha I’m very sorry. I feel as equally enabled and am having trouble dealing with my problem too! Haha!

  3. I made the decision a few days ago to pull the trigger on these this weekend when the 30% off coupon i have takes effect. I’m looking for something between a 511 and 514 fit wise and i think these will do the trick. Thanks for the post.

  4. Danny Q– I was looking for something similar in terms of fit. These might do the trick for ya… think of it as Gap’s version of the 512.5 fit, ha!

  5. I picked up a pair of the Gap Selvage in the Authentic cut last year. They’ve been pretty solid, especially for the price. I waited about 6 or 7 months before the first rinse, and got a fair about of wear and tear into them. They did stretch a fair amount, and had I known, would have maybe sized down a shade. The 32’s fit closer to a 34 now.

  6. Jeff– That kinda sucks about that much stretch… I thought about it with the 30’s I got, but the 29 was definitely a no go, way too tight. So hopefully these won’t stretch as much for me.

  7. Went to pick up a pair this weekend, nothing at my local store under a 34″ waist, bummer. I did however sign up for the email list online and got a coupon for $15 off so i’ll probably order my size online this week. A little skeptical, hope it turns out well.

  8. I’ve always been fond of most Gap denim. I have some Authentic cut selvedge. They’re great and still ridgid. I never wash them and wear them about once every two weeks. Otherwise I buy Levis or Polo slim fits.

  9. The Gap Selvage “were” great. BEWARE now they have gone to a new much cheaper fabric that is nothing like that discussed in this article. Read the reviews online; and like me, everyone is returning them!

    What a shame.

  10. is it really true about the current gap editions of selvage?? i was just about to buy them! can you point me to other more reasonable sources please?!

    • Illuminati– I can’t speak to how they are now. My Gap selvage jeans are about 18 months old now at this point. I’ve recently began breaking in a pair of raw selvedge American made Levi’s 501s that I had tailored.

      In terms of good price on selvedge, I’d look at Unbranded Denim at Urban Outfitters, Epaulet, or try to catch a good promo code for Levi’s like I did. But if you can get a pair of Gap selvages for super cheap, I say still go for it! Hope this helps…

      • thx for replying, yes, I have read many comments about the Gap jeans specifically being horribly disappointing. I found ONE pair at Northgate in Seattle, but after reading the comments, it was easy to trust you guys and say NO to 90bux (first of all, I dont try to spend too much if at all possible.) but I do care about What i wear, as I am still single and my group of friends are monied.(even the damn single women!) I will begin research on those that you listed…It just hurts my pocketbook to shell out 3digits for jeans when i am currently not working. but hey, it gives me time to search for bargains right? ok, back to it…oh, my simple understanding of selvage is that to identify them at a used store, I turn up the bottoms and examine the stitching, correct? (I have literally impressed into my brain the photos of selvage stitches), just never in real life, Yet. I assume that the quality of the overall denim itself is something to behold as well…thus I am excited to return to the roots.

  11. I just picked up two pairs after trying them on at the 1969 store in LA. They’ve apparently brought back some of the old selvedge denim, it’s stiff and fits quite nicely. The reviews on are also confirming that the better denim is back.

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